The Flying Field

We are extremely fortunate to have a superb flying site, over 28 acres of flat land, surrounded by low hedges with the odd tree within the perimeter hedge. September 2010 we moved the pit area further down the field and enforced a no fly zone in the top left hand side of the field (see  No Fly Zones page) in order to minimise any risk of noise disturbance to our neighbours in Himbleton village.

Flying Times:
  • Sunday 10:00am onwards

Field / Club Rules:
  • All flyers must have BMFA insurance.
  • Strict adherence to the Fly & No Fly Zones, especially the around the pit and car parking areas.
  • For noise and safety considerations no more than three helicopters in the air at a time.
  • Please ensure you leave the field as you find it, all rubbish and broken helicopter pieces to be taken away from the field. 
  • Please ensure you close the gate when leaving the field. 
  • Please ensure you display you club permit on the windscreen of your car; the farmer considers non-members fair game.